Tuesday, 25 March 2014

On Page SEO Optimizations Techniques in 2014

On Page SEO Optimizations – the changes made on the files/Webpage and servers of the website come under on page optimization. in Simple Words changing the title tag of  the website / Web Pages, changing the meta tags of the website pages, rewriting Web content, applying redirects, adding some commands in the robots.txt file. changes that one does on the website inner pages itself come under on page SEO optimization.

"SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or web page in a search engine's "natural" ("organic") search results."

Some Seo On Page Techniques:---

1-      Change on the title tag (Main)
2-      Change on the Meta tags
3-      Change on the content(Adding quality and relevant contents)
4-      Removing any canonical issues (if have on Website or Web pages)
5-      Check robots.txt file
6-      Maintain a clear Web site hierarchy
7-      Improving search engine accessibility.
8-      Maintaining the number of OBL’s on a web pages.
9-      Adding sitemap.xml and sitemap.html on Website          
10-     Removing broken links from Web site
11-     ADD H1, H2...Tags on WEb Site
12-     Proper Maintaining of CSS, HTML Codes as Per Guidelines
13-     Use Alt Tags For Adding Keywords
14-     Check Keywords Density on Web Page Content
15-     Reduce Web Site / Pages Loading times.

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