Saturday, 8 March 2014

Tips to optimize your business website for social media?

Social Media Optimization (SMO):

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. A set of techniques which increases your Company / Brand presence in the social media. It encourages peoples to spread the buzz about your Company  and makes it popular.

What is Difference between Social Media and Social Networks sites?.

Social Media are a set of technologies that promotes the growth of social networks. On the other hand, social networks or groups consisting of real world people who share a view or passion with the help of those networks.

Social Media Sites : E.g                                                         Social Network Sites: E.g
·         Facebook                                                                          Recipe Lovers
·         Twitter                                                                              Aces of Cards
·         Myspace                                                                           I Love Cartoon
·         Youtube                                                                      Search Engine Optimizer
·         Orkut                                                                               Facebook Lovers
·         Flickr                                                                               The sharp mind
·         Digg                                                                                Total chemistry
·         Delicious                                                                             Bike Hunks
·         Classmates   and etc.                                                        Chill n read  etc.

Tips to optimize your business website for social media?

  • ·         Create a complete profile of your brand / company on the targeted social media sites.
  • ·         And also Join some likeminded social networks and share useful stuff with them.
  • ·         Share some interesting Latest news and try to integrate your brand / Business with it.
  • ·         And Follow the social media etiquettes.
  • ·         Include your website / Brand Logo when sharing information  Related to Business with your audience.
  • ·         Keep your profile updated about latest information.
  • ·         Increase your Presence. Have more likes in your Facebook page, Linkedin,  more followers on twitter profile, G+, Pint, etc.
I think Above Some Tips will Be Beneficial For Your Busines / Branding.


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