Sunday, 2 March 2014

Latest SEO Tips and Techniques in March 2014

Now SEO basics discuss about some latest SEO Tips & Techniques for March 2014, I thinks, which help you to raise ranking of website and boost traffics. Google is updating their algorithm every Day & month for preventing spam, Duplicates Content, Black hat Techniques and others unethical manners and millions of websites are lost their ranking due to Google Algorithm updated in last year.

These are Some Basics Things in SEO that you have to apply on Your Blog or Business Website:--

(1) Always Use Unique and Fresh Contents on your websites / Blog.

(2) Use Good quality content for your web pages / Blog with targeted keywords but make sure when your are writing a content don't use targeted keywords much more otherwise your website / Blog will be punish by Google for Keyword Stuffing.

(3) Build Natural and Quality back links because of Google accept only Quality & Natural back links and better is to always avoid exact match anchor text with low quality back-links.

(4) Keep in Mind, Building back links must be relevant your websites / Blog themes.

(5) Build internal cross linking of Web Pages, Web Page Internal links is a best SEO technique in 2014 and it will reduce bounce rates of your website / Blog Pages.

(6) Social Media optimizations:  SMO is a best roll for SEO in 2014. You can get visitors from Social Media Sites and Click on Web Sites Pages by:-Face Book, Google +1, twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, VK, Stumble upon & others.

(7) Create Mobile and Browsers friendly websites because of day by day increasing mobile users so many visitors will come from tablets or smart phones, etc.

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Above Few Tips in Not Sufficient for SEO, But It wills Provide Better Ranking as per Latest Changes in Google Search Algorithms.

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