Friday, 28 February 2014

How Google Calculates Exit Rate and Bounce Rate.

Many Webmaster are Confused about Exit Rate and Bounce Rates of Site. Let me solve this confusion by providing an example as to how Google calculates exit rates and bounce rates for any web sites.

Definition of Exit & Bounce Rate:

Bounce Rates of web site: Percentage of visits that leave from the landing page itself.
Exit Rates of web site:  Percentage of exits that happen on a particular page.

Exit Rate Calculation by Google:--

Let , we are having 4 Web pages on our site namely A1, B1, C1 and D1. The following sessions happen on the website:

A1-B1-C1 (Visitor enters Page A1, browses and move to Page B1 then exits from Page C1)
B1-A1-C1 (Visitor enters Page B1, browses and move to Page A1 then exits from Page C1)
B1-A1 (Visitor enters Page B1, browses then exits from Page A1)
D1-A1-B1 (Visitor enters Page D1, browses and move to Page A1 then exits from Page B1)

To calculate the exit rate by Google, we need to identify the number of times any page participates in that sessions.

As per above example, Here are the numbers of page specific sessions:

Specific Sessions:

A1- 4 (Page A1 participates in 4 sessions)

B1- 4 (Page B1 participates in 4 sessions)

C1-2 (Page C1 participates in 2 sessions)

D1- 1 (Page D1 participates in 1 session)

Then, we will identify the numbers of times any user exits from a web page :

A1- 1 (user exits in the 3rd session)
B1- 1 (user exits in the 4th session)
C1- 2 (user exits in both 1st and 2nd session)
D1- 0 (user does not exits from this page on any sessions)

Google Exit rate will get calculated as per the Below Given formula:

- : (Number of Exits/Number of Participated Sessions)*100

A1- 1/4*100= 25%
B1- 1/4*100= 25%
C1- 2/2*100= 100%
D1- 0/1*100= 0%

Google Bounce Rate Calculation:--

To calculate the Google bounce rate, we need to first identify number of times a Web page becomes the landing page.

Let Landing Pages:--

A1- 1 (Page A1 is the landing page for 1 session)
B1- 2 (Page B1 is the landing page for 2 sessions)
C1- 0 (Page A1 is the landing page for 0 sessions)
D1- 1 (Page A1 is the landing page for 1 session)

Google Bounce Rate will get calculated as per the formula: --

-: (Number of Exits/Number of Landing Page Visits)*100

A1- 1/1*100= 100%
B1- 1/2*100= 50%
C1- 2/0*100=0%
D1- 0/1*100= 0%

Where to See the Google Bounce Rate and Exit Rate?

Bounce Rate in Google Analytics:--

Move to "Behavior" -> "Site Content" -> "All Pages", you will see Visitor s both the bounce rate and the exit rates.

To See, How Google calculated Exit Rates, move to "Behavior" -> "Site Content" -> "Exit Pages", Divide Exit by Page views and you get the Exit Rates displayed in the GA Dashboard.

Here is the formula used For Exit Rate:

Exit Rate= Exits/Page Views*100

I think Above Formula Will be Beneficial for Your Any Doubts on Exit & Bounce Rates. But There is no proper way to verify bounce rate calculation directly in Google analytics.

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