Saturday, 17 June 2017

Dynamic Search Ads vs Search Network

Dynamic Search Ads:

Dynamic Search Ads help you to run the Adwords account if you have millions of pages of content.

For Example: Suppose you are running an ecommerce site where you have millions of products and each of them have separate landing pages. It is nearly impossible to add all possible keywords to your account.

Then create a DSA campaign

In DSA campaigns you give Google some instructions about your page, which are called auto targets.

For example if this is the landing page you want to promote

This is the list of HTC dealers in Mumbai

you give the auto target as URL Contains HTC and URL Contains Mumbai

Now Google will index this page and whenever a search happens like htc in mumbai it will try to map the keyword with the content of this page and show it as ad.

Search Network:

its an Ads that Only Appears in Search Engine Above the Organic Results for the Query ( Keywords) Targeted , Only Text is used in search network ads. It can only targeted with Keywords & Your ads are Only charged on Number of time its Clicked ( PPC )


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