Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Digital Marketing/SEO/SMM/SEM Consultant or Freelancer

Hire Me: As Digital Marketing/SEO/SMM/SEM Consultant or Freelancer

Need serious help with digital marketing? Need a leader who can guide a team of digital marketers/SEO/SMM/SEM? I am open to new opportunities with companies of good repute.

Seeking Position: SEO/SMM/SEM/ Digital Marketing Consultant or Freelancer

I am capable of taking control of your entire digital marketing wing (or create one from scratch if you don’t have a digital marketing department).

The internet has changed the way people buy products and services. Aggressive ad campaigns no longer work. People do research before they buy. With the right tools and strategy, digital marketing can be more efficient than traditional marketing. It can drive up customer loyalty, brand engagement and recognition, repeat sales and opportunities to expand into new products and services.

Send me an email to get my resume and schedule an interview.

If you want to hire me as a Freelancer/consultant, mail me:

Call me: 8527531898

Satish Chandra Sharma
Digital marketing Expert


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