Saturday, 17 October 2015

SEO Optimization tips and tricks in 2015 - 16


In the early days of the internet, SEO optimization was easy.

-Pick out the keyword you want to rank.

-Pump out content with your keyword laced generously throughout your page, including in your title and meta tags.

-Add in a few backlinks.

Chances were good that your content would rank! Then the search engines got smart.

In 2014 and beyond, content marketing is becoming the backbone of SEO. What’s the difference from old school SEO versus SEO optimization 2014+ style?

Below, we’re sharing an SEO infographic. It’s a look the strategies that used to define SEO and those you need to use today in order to drive organic search rankings and avoid future search engine penalties.


- Focus more on how people engage with a particular brand, product and services.

- ROI Focused.

- Analytics, Content Creation, Social media marketing and then keyword research .


- Focus on keyword intent and search user needs

- Focus on long tail searches

- 70 Prcent of search traffic comes from long tail keywords

- Focus on conversion rate and performance metrics


- Create Content to Provide real value to the audience

- Focus on audience, it will attract

- Based on the Survey of 400+ company by Econsultancy 45% of companies say content Marketing is "Highly integrated" with their strategy.

Link Building

- Only Quality Backlinks will work.

- Most Quality backlinks can be built with relationship building

SEO Key Takeaways

Make sure that content marketing is the backbone of your SEO strategy:

-You must make sure your content is valuable, easy to read, and focused on topics your users care about.

-Long-tail keywords will usually result in better engagement.

-Avoid spammy backlinks. Seek out only high-quality, natural link opportunities.

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