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Facebook Marketing Strategy - Social media marketing Strategies 2015

Facebook Marketing Strategy - Social media marketing Strategies 2015

Facebook is the world’s largest social media network with a shopping 900 million + active users. It is feasible for businesses to market their products and services on Facebook. Following a marketing strategy that could earn reasonable results would be a dream come true. This post would discuss the essentials of Facebook Marketing Strategy.
Facebook Marketing Strategy with measurable results

Why Choose Facebook?
You should choose Facebook as it is the world’s most accessed Social media. It has its presence in over 213 countries of the world with people accessing the social platform from Europe,Asia, NorthAmerica,South America,Africa and Australia. Marketers can make use of enormous data available on Facebook which includes geographical location,interests,Gender,mobile users etc. Where else can you find such a vast amount of user data compiled by locations and interests? It is the most preferred source of marketing channel for businesses.

Facebook Marketing
Facebook Marketing
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The Facebook Platform
Launched in February 2004, and created by Marc Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew Mc Collum, Dustin Moskowitz and Chris Hughes;Facebook has since became one of the most accessed site on the internet. Initially started as a networking platform for Harvard Students, Facebook has grown into a full fledged social networking site providing users a good platform to share their content which may include text, images, videos and other media.

Facebook gives you the ability to create your profile and start making friends. The platform has options for creating Pages, Groups and Events. You can use these channels to promote your products and services.

Create Notes for your Marketing Plan
Before any campaign is started, proper forecasting should be done. You need to prepare notes for your marketing plan in order to implement it successfully. Some questions which you need to answer are given below:-
1-      What are your business goals?
2-      Who are your audience?
3-      What is your target market?
4-      Do you want to build your online reputation?
5-      Do you want to increase your brand awareness?
6-      What are your business keywords?
7-      What are your conversion channels?
8-      What is your online advertising budget?
9-      What does your Fans like the most?
10-   How to integrate applications with Facebook Pages?
11-  Which applications can help you in the smooth flow of your communications?

Creating a Facebook Page

You must have a Facebook Profile, before you can create a Facebook Page. If you have a profile, then you must visit any Facebook Page and click on Create a Page to get a page for your business. Here are the steps to creating a Page:-

1-      Log in to Facebook and visit:-

2-      Choose a category for your page.

3-      Add any image or your company logo.

4-      Add some info about your company or business.

5-      Start updating your status.

Creating Facebook Groups or Events

1-      Log in to Facebook.

2-       Click on “Create a group” after visiting any existing group on Facebook.

3-      Name your group

4-      Invite your friends to your group.
5-      Check “Open” if you want to let anyone see the contents of the group else choose closed or secret.
6-      Provide a description for your group.
7-      Provide a name for the email id.
8-      Upload photo and choose category.
9-      You are ready to invite other members and start your discussion.

Adding Applications to your Page

Facebook provides you with innumerable applications which you may use for the success of your business.
Getting Likes for your Fan Page

Top 10 Strategies
1-Know your audience- The very first step in successful marketing strategy is knowing your audience. Facebook provides you with data where you can easily find out your ideal audience to target based on the georgraphical location, gender, age and interests.

2- Create a nice Landing Page- Remember, your targeted audiences would visit your Facebook Page to know more about your company and its products or services. Having a nice landing page would make them understand your company in a better way. The motto of “First impression is the last impression” would work best here.

3- Post Quality Content- Your fans have liked you because they think you are a source of useful information about their interests. It’s your responsibility to share constant updates about your company’s products, various activities, images, content and any other media which your fans may find interesting.

4- Turn on Discussions- Every post created by you should have some scope for further discussions. The more discussions, the more user engagement and the more user engagement, the more the chances of your page coming in the eyes of new audiences to increase your target market.

5- Keep your fans engaged- Start a contest and let your fans remain engaged with your brand in one way or the other.

6- Get more Likes- This is the measure of the popularity of the business. Hence, getting more likes adds to the reputation and popularity of the business.

7- Use Applications- These are your real friends in the online world of marketing. Your business pages needs them to actively promote your services infront of your audiences.

8- Follow Ettiquettes- You must follow several social media ettiquettes while prmoting your brand on these popular social marketing channels.

9- Daily Hour Approach- You must spend at least one hour of your time on a daily basis to promote your serives. This daily hour approach can go a long time to popularize your brand.

10- Maintaining the Edgerank- Edgerank is similar to Google's Pagrank and it measures the post popularity. You need to keep an eye on the Edgerank in order to gain more visibility in front of your targeted audiences. Edgerank depends upon time decay factor, weight factor and the engagement factor.

11- Measuring the Success- The last but not the least is the measurement of the success of the campaign. There are several online tools which can help you to measure the audience engagement and finally your return on investment (ROI). This is important as the money spent should be taken care of and the full utilization should be made.

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