Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Google Analytics Questions and Answers - Tricks and tips SEO - Google Analytics Tips ans tricks

1- A customer named Mike visits your website via organic search at 8:54 AM and spends around 3 minutes browsing some more pages. Meanwhile, Mike opened up a new site and went to the search engine to enter some search queries. Mike again visits your site at around 9:05 AM but this time through paid search. Mike now has 2 different windows opened and both of these windows has your site opened. Mike browses some more pages of your site and finally closes both the windows at 9:17 AM How many sessions are created and how long does the session/sessions last?

Answer: 2 sessions are created. The first session starts at 8:54 AM and ends at 9:05 AM lasting 11 minutes. The second session starts at 9:05 AM and ends at 9:17 AM lasting 12 minutes.

2- For a bakery shop website, the following sessions are made in a week:

Monday: Chocolates > Pineapples > Strawberry
Tuesday:  Vanilla > Strawberry
Wednesday:  Butterscotch > Chocolates > Vanilla
Thursday:  Chocolates > Exit
Friday: Vanilla > Strawberry > Pineapple

what is the bounce rate and exit rate for the Vanilla page?
what is the bounce rate and exit rate for the Chocolate page?

Answer: A- Bounce rate for Vanilla page is 0% (no sessions began with Page A, so it has no bounce rate).
B- Exit rate for Vanilla page is 33% (3 sessions included the Vanilla page and 1 session served as an exit from the Vanilla page so 1/3*100 = 33%)

A- Bounce rate for chocolate page is 50% (2 sessions started with the Chocolate page with one leading to a single page session)
B- Exit rate for Chocolate page is 33% (3 sessions included the Chocolate page and 1 session served as an exit from the Chocolate page so 1/3*100 = 33%)

3- Consider the following scenario:

Person A clicks over your site from, then returns to your site from to convert.
Person B clicks over your site from then returns directly to convert.
Person C clicks over to your site from, then returns to your site from to convert.
Person D clicks over your site from, then returns to your site directly and then again returns to your site from to convert.
Person E clicks over your site from, then returns to your site from to convert.

which channel has the highest number of assisted conversions?

Answer: because it participates in 3 non-last interaction sessions and assists in conversions.

4- Your client recently offered some FREE e-books downloading from his site. He wants to know, how many people are downloading the books. How can you do so with the help of Google Analytics.

Answer: We can do so with the help of event tracking in Google Analytics. The following codes will be used:

<a href=”pdfs/my-file.pdf” target=”_blank” onclick=”_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','Download','PDF',this.href]);”>Download my file</a>

This code will track every click on the download button and send the data to Google Analytics.

5- Mr. X is the owner of Asia's largest online florist shop but he recently faced a strange situation while browsing Google Analytics. His own website was listed as a referral traffic source. It was strange for him to see his own website listed as a referral traffic source under GA. How will you correct the issue?

Answer: We can add the main domain on the referral exclusion list located under tracking info. This will exclude all the self-referred traffic.

6- A user visits your site via clicking on the saved bookmark in his browser. What sort of traffic source will it get counted under?

Answer: It will get counted under direct traffic.

7- Is Exit rate a metric or a dimension?

Answer: It is a metric.

8- Mr. A has around 10 different PDF calenders displayed on the calenders page of his website. He wants to track which calender is getting the maximum clicks. How can this be possible?

Answer: For tracking the clicks, we will create a virtual pageview using the below code and add to every link displayed on the calender page

_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/calender1.pdf']);
_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/calender2.pdf']);

Note : the above content / Question is taken from thanks for tricky question and information. and images take from google. thanks to owner of images.

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