Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Manager

Who is SEO Manager?

They are one who has the skills in marketing techniques and strategies, keyword analysis and selection. Without them SEO are not that good enough.


1. Manage SEO projects by working with product management and marketing, content, technology, and vendors on implementation.

2. Perform keyword performance research/analysis; select and refine SEO/SEM keyword list.

3. Analyze and translate quantitative and qualitative data from web analytics tool into an actionable SEO plan.

4. Monitor performance of search engine rankings and traffic; work with SEM vendors to reach target metrics.

5. Define SEO requirements and recommend site enhancements that maximize ROI and increase rank of natural search result listings.

6. Serve as internal search expert to ensure best practices are shared and leveraged by all groups.

7. Conduct regular reviews of the site and identify areas where changes should be made to make the site more SEO friendly.

8. Provide specific reports on performance data for IT and product management

9. Gather industry research, competitive landscape information and trade intelligence for SEO strategy development and optimization.

10. Other duties as required.


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